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Camping & RV Necessities | Amazon Affiliate

I find myself turning to Amazon for a lot of help when purchasing things for my Airstream. Even though I've been living in my super-tiny 16 ft long trailer for almost a year off-and-on, I still find myself needing random things like a heated water hose in winter. I've found it super helpful to have the things below on hand. If you make any of the below purchases, I receive a tiny much-appreciated commission!

Camco 25ft Heated Water Hose

I tried purchasing a different heater water hose (I even paid more for the other one, ugh), but when I got it already leaked. This one has worked really well this winter in Georgia and has helped me not have a frozen water hose in the morning!

MSR Water Filter

When I was in college, I was in a backpacking class and this was the water filter we used among the class of 8 to pump water from a nearby river. It works great! I like it a lot better than a life straw because it can pump and filter a lot more water. Perfect for backpacking!

Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera

I absolutely love this wireless camera! I have it attached on the outside of my Airstream to record in case people walk by or watch the stray cats at the RV park. It's very easy to set up, it's rainproof and you don't need to plug the camera in. You do need to have it nearby a wifi signal and plug-in where it connects to the wifi (which is separate from the camera).

LevelMatePro Wireless Leveling System

This wireless leveling system saves me so much time when I'm traveling and trying to level my Airstream. It's super easy to install (I put mine in my closet), you can download the app to your smartphone, turn on the device in your RV and get a live view of what the levels are to decide if you need additional chocks/blocks and levelers.

Beech Lane Camper Leveler 2-Pack

Use these chocks to help level out your RV up to 35,000 lbs! These work great for my Airstream. Using the LevelMatePro Wireless Leveling System and these levelers, it makes traveling a lot less stressful and leveling way less time-consuming.

Lasko Small Portable Heater

Having an electric heater is really nice when you live in an RV Park that doesn't charge you for electricity! I have been using an electric heater for my Airstream and I've only needed to fill up one propane tank once for over 6 months! I mostly use propane to heat my water for my showers and to cook.

Vitamix Blender

I absolutely love my blender! Living in a Bambi Airstream I'm a bit limited with both space and cooking. Having a blender to make smoothies, soups and drinks was a must!

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