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3-tips | How to Take Care of Long Hair

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Fun fact: I don't brush my hair daily. (I've actually only used a hairbrush maybe 6 times in the last 9 months!)

Hair is such a weird thing. It's something that grows throughout our lifetime, and we often use it as a sense of identity.

In the following I detail how I take care of my! 1. Ditch the hairbrush I stopped using a hairbrush after a 5-day rafting trip down the snake river. I packed extra light, taking just an extra swimsuit and change of clothes, kept my hair in braids and jumped into the river when my hair was looking a little greasy. From that experience, I learned that hair is generally happy and healthy without many products. (#campinghair #nobrush #healthyhair). Brushing your hair every once in a while to comb out knots is a good idea to prevent permanent damage, but it's not necessary every day. Use your fingers to pull apart any knots and gently smooth the hair with your hands everyday. Please don't use a hairbrush in the shower (if you have straight hair) because that's when your hair is the most sensitive.

2. No conditioner (in the shower) I don't own conditioner. It makes my hair feels slimy and if it gets on my scalp, it looks oily. Instead of using conditioner in the shower, I use shampoo and as my hair dries I put a quarter size amount of oil starting at the end and working my way towards the roots. (#noconditioner #hairhealth). Check out one of my next posts about my hair products.

3. No heat Heat damages hair irreparably. Split ends are often the result of hair drying, straightening, curling, crimping, etc. (#naturalhair #damagefreehair #noheatstraighthair #longhair)

If you want straight hair without heat, check out

To make curls without heat, I recommend braiding hair, or using hair rollers that you can use in a variety of ways. For super tight curls, check out

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