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How to Travel Affordably | Cutting Travel Expenses in 2019

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Cutting costs on flights, places to stay and food.

This was my view outside of my Airbnb in the Swiss Alps for around $60 a night!

Seen your friends and family travel photos that have inspired you to go on your own adventure but needing to figure out how to make it affordable? Keep reading!

In the following I detail how you can travel without breaking the bank!

1. Flight tickets

The first step in traveling is to buy plane tickets. I use Google flights to get an idea of available flights, which airports connect more cheaply to others on available dates, etc. (#travel #cheapflights #googleflights). Click on the link, put in your local airport and the city of your dream destination. After searching, Google Flights compares different airlines to find you some of the best rates on different airlines. If you find a great flight, but the layovers aren't the best, check the airlines website. Note: if you purchase any tickets on websites from different countries outside of your own, you might have to notify your bank before the transaction occurs. Once you purchase tickets, let's find a place to stay!

2. Place to stay

The second step is to decide where you would like to stay (#airbnb #cheaptravel). A few incredibly cheap options include staying on a friends couch, inside a church, or at an Airbnb. I would not recommend hotels because they normally do not have a place to cook or do laundry. Click on the link, put in the city for the dates you have planned. Search for Airbnb hosts with good reviews, if you have laundry to do check for washers and locations nearby public transportation. Make sure it has a kitchen! Some Airbnb hosts are extra helpful and give tips on getting around to the sights you plan on seeing.

3. Food

Food costs can add up. If every meal is about $12, for a week it can easily rack up to $250 (not including coffee or occasional/regular desserts). Cut costs by cooking in your Airbnb food that is fast, easy and cheap to cook. A few good ideas include eggs with salt and pepper with a piece of fruit and bread for breakfast, pasta and sauce for lunch and sandwiches for dinner.

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