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My Favorite Quotes | How to Stay Joyful

I love flowers, mountains and the sun. I also struggle when going through a hard time to find the bright side. The following are some of my favorite quotes that have helped me hang on through tough times:

Sometimes when you find yourself in a dark place and you feel buried, you've actually been planted. Bloom.

This quote has helped me realize that the problems I face today I can use to grow for tomorrow. Got a bad grade on a test? Study more tomorrow. Had a friendship fall apart? Be a better friend to those good friendships I have tomorrow. Couldn't get up the stairs without getting out of breath? Exercise tomorrow. Got sick from stress? Take care of your body, mind and soul tomorrow. Use the pain you've experienced in the past to grow in the future. The pain you go through today will heal. There are more days filled with sunshine in the near future. Just let time do its magic and you'll see.

It's in the valley's we realize how tall the mountains are.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Hold onto hope, and God/universe will answer your prayers (oftentimes in ways you never saw coming!).

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