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My Prayer Journal | 4.9.20 | Entry 4

Yesterday was rather stressful for me. I was publicly criticized by an Adventist for what I was wearing in a photo posted almost a year ago on Instagram.

Hey God,

It’s an interesting time because using technology has become the new norm to connect with others. I’m thankful for phones and the internet. I’ve been able to do Zumba online, worships through zoom, connecting with new and old friends over video calls and it’s been nice. I’m very lucky that I can go outside and play with my puppies, ride my horse and walk to watch the sunsets nearby.

I’ve been in contact with some people in the NPUC and I’m looking forward to helping organize worships through Zoom. Please guide me in that endeavor haha. Thank you for the new friends and deepened friendships.

Thank You God for all that you do,


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