Hi! I'm JoLene

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, love to camp, explore and travel (& occasionally trespass, shhh). I completed my degree in accounting, have experience in web design, graphic design, photography, watercolor painting, finance and knowledge in online marketing. I always make time to go to Zumba, Krav Maga, Yoga, and hike. One of my greatest accomplishments is traveling to all 7 continents within a year (North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Asia). My ultimate dream is to help small businesses and help homeless people become artists to create an opportunity for them to make a sustainable income.


Featured in:


JoLene shares about her project to help the homeless using art through a 
TV interview.

JoLene shares about her experience being a barista

JoLene shares about her project to help the homeless using art in a podcast.

JoLene shares her hope "I just hope that through sharing stories, through creating art,

I can help people be less afraid of the homeless and see that they’re human, too."



Feel free to reach out:
 LinkedIn (@jolenedanielson) 

Art Instagram (@paintdrops.art) | Art Shop (paintdropsart.com)

Homeless Help Instagram (@creatingopportunitiesforus) | Website http://creatingopportunitiesus.com

Blog (here on website) | YouTube (jolenedanielson)


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