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About Me


I'm an awkward, people-oriented person who loves capturing genuine smiles, creating deep connections with those around me & online.

I took the leap of faith and quit my full-time accounting job in October 2023. I decided to step away from the things that were no longer serving me or bringing me joy and step into doing the things I love. I love helping people reach their goals which is how I accidentally fell into mentoring. I was helping a friend get out of her slump where we did a life audit together (we analyzed her Physical, Mental, Relational, Financial and Home Health) and began focusing on bringing more joy into the areas of her life that were no longer helping her. She shared with me that my support had been greatly appreciated and insisted on paying me. I had no idea that I could be paid to help others get to where they want to go in life!

Besides mentorship, I love being behind the camera. I fell in love with photography when I was 13 and received a camera for my birthday and then social media when I realized the power and influence that sharing online can have. I currently also help small businesses grow their online presence by helping build websites and create and manage social media content. I love helping others which is exactly through my many different jobs! I also have a passion for helping homeless people and enjoy watercolor painting. I adore traveling and I'm lucky to have set foot on 28 countries spreading across all 7 continents (I even got to see penguins in Antarctica!).

My roots are in Portland, OR but I visit San Diego often. I lived in Atlanta in my 16ft Bambi Airstream for 2 years but recently moved back home to my family. I'm a PNW girl!

I'm very friendly, so don't hesitate to send me a DM on Instagram!


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